🏥 Hungarian Healthcare System – The Basics 🏥

There are 2 ways to insure yourself in Hungary: through the National Health Insurance system, or Private Health Insurance. Some hospitals and healthcare providers are available in both: but with very differing terms & conditions.

Emergency room sign at hospital.

What are the benefits of Private Health Insurance in Hungary?

There are a lot of situations in Hungary where a private health provider is a huge asset, just to mention a few:

  • enables you to get various permits both in Hungary & in the EU (for example a residence permit for work or studying)
  • provides fast and reliable healthcare service,
  • you won’t need to organize anything – our healthcare coordinators will take care of any scheduling, 
  • a much shorter waiting list for most medical procedures, 
  • many plans include preventive screening services – if not, you’ll get a sizeable discount
  • fast administration, quick results.

Private Health Insurance in Hungary – Prices & Coverage

We have made a health insurance calculator for foreigners and ex-pats to figure out the monthly cost ranges of private health care in Hungary. In 2022 the cost to participate in the National Health Insurance system is 8400 HUF per month: there are more than a few private health care providers that cost less than that!

Private health protection graphic.

What determines the cost of Private Health Insurance in Hungary?

You can sign up for a private health care plan from as low as 5000 forints up to 125000+ forints per month. Naturally, these two packages vastly differ in covered treatments, preventive screenings, and other services. The fact sheet provided by the insurance company will list every service that is included. If the insurer does not provide the information you need – or if you need help comparing the services please feel free to contact us, we will be able to help.

Companies will determine the exact price of your policy based on your personal factors. These factors usually are:

  • age
  • occupation
  • medical history
  • lifestyle

🩹 Service Availability 💉

There are a set of medical services that are usually included in the packages that are available in Hungary. Many times – especially if you are planning on buying health insurance coverage for a larger group – you will be able to customize your package. This way you can be covered for very specific treatments on your own terms.

What does Private Health Insurance include in Hungary?

The exact services provided differ depending on the insurance package you have purchased. Generally, they include medical assistance with:

  • Preventive screening tests (annual)
  • Outpatient care (internal medicine, dermatology, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, pulmonology etc.)
  • Laboratory & Diagnostic tests
  • Ambulatory surgeries (a.k.a. outpatient surgery or day surgery)
  • 24hr Call Center (many packages offer consultation with a medical professional 24 / 7/ 365).

It is important to know that usually there is a value cap on these services, mainly to prevent fraud. But it is also safe to say that these caps are hard to reach if the insurance itself is used in good faith.

Be always sure to read carefully the full list of services included in your plan! Each and every health insurance provider has to include one on the product’s website.

We have linked 3 providers’ lists of services: Generali’s Private Care, Generali’s MediHelp, and Union’s PrivateMed Next. It is important to know that not all insurance providers have detailed English fact sheets available – but we still include them in our search for the best policy for you! So if you need help in finding out the most suitable plan for your needs – whether you want to insure yourself against a specific type of threat, or you want the most premium coverage money can get in Hungary – contact GRANTIS. We have 35+ health insurance policies on our roster, and we will provide you with the TOP 3 plans for your specific situation – fast & free!

Private or National Health Insurance?

What does National Health Insurance include in Hungary?

According to Wikipedia, “As a high-income nation, Hungary has a relatively developed health infrastructure. Ambulances of the Országos Mentőszolgálat (OMSZ, “National Ambulance Service” reach all over the country within 15 minutes at the very latest.” While the ambulance timeframe assessment might be classified as outright optimistic, it is safe to say that the national health services with private healthcare providers form a robust and effective infrastructure.

It is important to know that even if you do not have any health insurance, you will still be treated for medically necessary urgent health care. But if your country is not an EEA member state, or your country does not have a bilateral agreement with Hungary, then you will have to pay for these services in full. And these prices can be very steep. Also, an all-around health insurance is necessary to obtain any residence permit (whether it be for work or studying).

When should I choose Private Healthcare in Hungary?

This of course varies depending on your situation, but private health insurance is the perfect answer:

  • if you want premium level coverage & services
  • if you need it in order to obtain a document like a residence permit,
  • if you want professional help with organizing your examinations and procedures,
  • if you are not a citizen of a country that has a healthcare agreement in place with Hungary – in which case you will need to pay in full for any services provided.

A suitable private health care can seriously help you in focusing on regaining your health – and give you peace of mind even when you are perfectly healthy! Especially if you make use of the preventive screening services.

🌆 Do you live in a city or the countryside? 🏡

If you are situated in a sizable city like Sopron or Budapest, then usually there will be healthcare professionals with equipment that can provide you medical services. The only two factors that can make your treatment complicated at this point are the quality of the equipment and the waiting lists. The doctors are true professionals in Hungary, but in many fields, there simply aren’t enough of them in the National Health Care system to provide instant care to everyone who needs it.

Private insurance policies like the Generali Private Care or the Aegon Komfort Extra can provide you with assistance in hundreds of locations throughout the country. 

Take extra care while choosing your insurer if you do not live in or around a city.

Expats from the EU & EEA

If you are a citizen of an EU or an EEA country, you will be able to use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Hungary. This will allow you to use the Hungarian National Health Insurance System as any local citizen.

Bear in mind that even though Hungary has a fairly effective national medical apparatus – there are still significant waiting times for numerous medical procedures in the National Health Insurance system – mainly due to a lack of sufficient personnel or equipment. Private Healthcare Providers can help in providing fast & reliable solutions for all of your needs. 

Health Insurance for US Citizens & Expats

As a US expat you will need a global or Hungarian health care plan (either a national or a private) in order to access the health care system without paying for the services you received in full. If your company does not provide you with a suitable company-level insurance policy upon your arrival, then you can choose to join the Public Health Insurance for 8400 forints per month. 
Or you can choose from the 35+ different private health insurance packages and tailor the coverage to your very own needs. If you need any help in choosing the service that suits your finances and your medical needs – contact us for a private consultation – it is fast, free & effective!