Are you a foreigner living in Hungary who is seeking financial advice?

With our personal consultation you can find the answer to your financial problem in the following fields: savings, private health insurance, insurance, loan, corporate finance, and many other fields.

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For you or your children. One-time or regular savings and investments, private pension plans.

Health insurance

We find the ideal private healthcare service providers for you or your company. High quality private healthcare services are available in Hungary.

Hungarian residence permit

Assistance in obtaining the obligatory health insurance coverage.

Risk insurance

Prepare for unexpected events with life insurance, home insurance, credit or unemployment insurance.

Credit counseling

Loans for individuals & companies. Fast and effective, consultation and tailor-made calculators for the Hungarian market.

Enterprise Solutions

Offers for your company: employee group insurances, property insurances, C.A.R. insurance, financial course for employees.

Our Values


We do not persuade anyone to make a decision that could do any harm even in the long run. Instead of cold calls and aggressive sales tactics, we promote the use of educational material like in-depth articles and videos. This way people can make a few decisions before contacting us for a consultation. We disclose and explain not only the pros but the cons and the small print too. During the consultation we will do a precise cost calculation of each and every policy, so you can make an informed decision!


The savings & insurance market is so saturated at this point, that it is hard to make a really good decision on your own. The more than 50 financial institutions that we list have hundreds of different offers and services to choose from - making it nearly impossible to make the ideal choice without professional help. We will bring you a solution based on your personal parameters, fast and free! Our in-house developed calculators combined with over a decade of experience and financial know-how will be in your service to help you on your way to success!


We are partners with the 25 biggest financial institutions, and we are awarded by them with a fee set by the National Bank of Hungary. This way the financial consultations can be completely free for our clients. Because of our multiple partnerships & independence, we are able to provide you with real information without any bias toward any bank or insurance company. We will always advise for a solution that truly benefits you in order to reach your goals!

This is how we work

You get in touch

You can apply for our free financial consultation by filling out and sending the form below.

We contact you

One of our consultants will call you within one business day, and together you discuss the details of the consultation in English.


We can meet in person or via a video call. During the meeting we will discuss your background, needs, and goals - so we can find the ideal solution for you!

Market research

In order to find the best service for your particular needs, we will do a thorough market research of the 100+ financial products that we list. After this non-biased search, we will send you the Top 3 offers from our partners that we would recommend.

Finalizing the contract

There are a lot of administrative tasks connected to financial products such as loans & insurance. We will make it much easier for you by doing most of the legwork - you will only spend a minimal amount of time on administration!

You can count on us

In case you have any questions after choosing the offer, or you need any further help, you can rely on your personal consultant and our call center in the future.

We are independent

We are brokers, so we do not have our own products. Since we are independent, we can help you to find the right one from the offers of several local banks, insurance companies, and investment service providers.
You do not need to pay for our services, because these financial institutions pay us a success fee in almost equal amounts according to the regulations of the Hungarian Central Bank and the relevant laws. This is how we can work for free.
It does not matter to us where this success fee comes from. The only important thing for us is to find you the best offer which suits you the most.

About us

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