What is travel insurance? Why do you need it? 🧳

There are numerous well-known risks connected to flying & staying abroad. Many of us experience hardships when encountering a lost baggage situation, or a missed flight. And while these circumstances are usually covered in travel insurance, the biggest positive of the whole product line is that you don’t need to worry about health coverage and expenses. Nobody expects illness and accidents, but when they happen healthcare assistance truly can be invaluable.

Leisurely vacation.

How much is travel insurance in Hungary? 🚅

Getting treated in a foreign country, especially without local public health insurance can easily be extremely costly. But with a few extra thousand forints you can completely get rid of all the monetary problems that these situations bring. We have compiled a list of some of the policies we recommend. You can fill out the form below to request a free consultation with one of our English-speaking health insurance experts if you’d like to see the full roster of our policies.

In the meantime, we have compiled a small list of some of the more popular packages, with these parameters:

  • Number of insured: 2, both in their 50s
  • Mode of travel: Car, made in 2010
  • Purpose and place of travel: Croatia, vacation
  • Starting date and duration of policy: late August, 1 week

The main difference – as always – is in the small print: some policies only pay up to 100.000 forints for any damage to your electronic devices, or they do not cover the usage of emergency services abroad – only the treatment itself. These small prints and products are not easy to weigh against one another, this is we honestly recommend calling an expert with decades of insurance business experience behind his back.

It is important to know that these numbers were just estimates! Prices vary wildly depending on a ton of factors.

Travel Insurance I. – What is a Travel Insurance? Do you need it? 🛫

What does travel insurance cover? 🏥

Almost all travel insurance covers emergency medical care in the event of an accident or illness, repatriation of the patient, and also pays in the event of death or disability. Baggage insurance and protection against flight cancellation are also usually part of the basic package, but in the event of trip cancellation by you, you will probably need additional coverage. 

Tailor-made assistance

Specialized insurance products are designed for skiing and other winter sports enthusiasts, there are also special policies for divers or extreme sports fans. These insurances include, for example, helicopter rescue for skiers, and research rescue for divers. If you choose a package that suits the purpose of your trip and add any additional insurance, you have a tailor-made travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance and the coronavirus 💉

Most travel insurance policies cover your expenses in case you get sick abroad with coronavirus. For an extra charge, you can also buy supplementary insurance that will pay if you are quarantined before departure or during your stay abroad. 

In which countries is my travel insurance valid? 🌍

The cost of the service depends largely on where you want to travel. If you choose insurance valid in Europe, it is the cheapest; travel insurance in the USA is the most expensive. Cherrisk online insurance covers us for one week in Europe for 3,843 HUF, for the rest of the world (excluding Canada and the USA) for 5,768 HUF, if Canada and the USA are included, we pay 11,543 HUF.

👩‍💼 How can GRANTIS assist you in obtaining an ideal travel insurance? 👨‍💼

There are a plethora of service packages to choose from in 2022. We are based in Budapest, have over a decade of experience, and a huge team of consultants – meaning that we have found, evaluated, and classified a vast line of products available in Hungary. Our international team is ready to help you – just fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!